Ergo - Soft E - 22746

Wedge for supine posture.

ART 115

The Ergo-Soft Wedge is suitable for the right supine posture and on serious neuro-motor conditions. The immobilization of the spine helps the prevention or treatment of spine deformities, such as lordosis, kypsosis and scoliosis. It redues the hyper or hypotonia as well as the athetonia conditions. The ERGO - SOFT Wedge is light based on plastic relying on metallic frame. The soft mattress is made of breatheable material and it is removable using Velcro straps. The side supports areremovable and adjustable and are made of foam lined with leather.

Accessories: Front pillow in 2 heights, Anatomic Size: • small 86 cm Length • medium 96 cm Length • large 106 cm Length 

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