Standing Frame Mini Standy Ormesa V - 10757


The standing frame Mini Standy, of the company Ormesa has Frame with fixed elements painted with non-toxic powder paint and chromed adjustable elements.


  • Pelvic and thoracic straps made of polyester fabric with Velcro belts for the adjustment in circumference.
  • Removable work table, made of plastic-laminated wood, adjustable in height and depth.
  • Knee pads, adjustable in height, width and backward-forwards.
  • Heel rests, adjustable in width and depth.
  • Ergonomic hand wheels, for the adjustment of elements with pointed fixing screws.
  • Slightly flexible wooden base. Thanks to the flexibility, the child is stimulated to assume and maintain an upright position by working all his/her muscles and reducing a hypotonic attitude.
  • Solid, 75 mm wheels, rear with brakes.

Frame colour: orange
Base colour: blue


Mini standy – 2 Small
Mini standy – 3 Medium

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