Lined Extra-Fine Insole PL 701F M - 3192

Great adaptation to the majority of footwear.

Insoles made of flexible extra-fine viscoelastic silicone, which allows great adaptation to the majority of footwear due to thinness, with metatarsal and calcaneus supports in different density and with retrocapital support and bridge. These insoles are lined with hypoallergenic fabric in polyester that prevents bacterial growth and is easily washable.

Indications: Talalgia and bursitis, metatarsalgia and calcaneus spur, plantar fascitis and diabetic foot, painful, tired or post-surgical feet, in sporting practice.

Colour: Transparent and grey lining.
Size: 0 (35-36), 1 (37-38), 2 (39-40), 3 (41-42), 4 (43-44), 5 (45-46). Shoe size


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