Adjustable Knee Orthosis-Lock System 94260 Orliman R - 30824

Knee orthosis with monocentric articulation.

Knee orthosis with monocentric articulation. –10º to + 30º locking system. 0º to 120º flexion control in intervals of 10º and –10º to +30º extension control in intervals of 10º. It has 2 femoral straps (thigh) and 2 tibia straps (calf), Ref.: 94261 has 2 wide strips which cover practically all the knee.

Indications: unstable or lesioned knees, post-operation and post-traumatic rehabilitation, for relative immobilisation of the articulation in situations which require perfect control, when we are interested in controlling the mobility of the post-operation knee (cruciate ligament surgery).
Size: One universal size.




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