Ankle Stabilization Orthosis Caligaloc Bauerfeind R - 3160

Cushioned plastic splint fastened securely to the foot with straps.

The anatomically contoured stabilizing orthosis consists of a cushioned plastic splint fastened securely to the foot with straps using a simple Velcro system. Under the heel, a slight rai-sing of the outer edge tilts the foot inwards, so that the outer ankle ligaments are relieved. Flat micro-Velcro fastenings are used to adjust the level of support. The stability element can be reshaped thermoplastically. Partial immobilization with CaligaLoc thus guarantees optimum wearing comfort until a greater degree of mobility is possible.

Indicatiions: Conservative treatment of torn ankle ligaments, Postoperative protection after ligamental suturing/reconstruction, Temporary stabilization for posttraumatic tarsal sinus syndrome and decompensated instability of the subtalar joint, Permanent stabilization for chronic instability of the upper and/or lower ankle where surgery is contraindicated

Size: 1(34-38), 2 (39-43), 3 (44-48). Shoe size

Left – Right 

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