Boxia AFO Drop Foot AB01 Orliman R - 1534

The Boxia device is discreet, comfortable and flexible.

The Boxia® device consists of 2 separate parts: a support above the ankles and a non-slip support section to put between the tongue and shoelaces via a central hook type attachment (must be worn with laced shoes). Both parts are linked by an elastic strap which is adjustable according to how much bending is required. The back of the strap has interior gel padding for comfort on the Achilles tendon, while the instep area is lined to prevent unwanted friction and ease compression. The Boxia device is discreet, comfortable and flexible. It occupies little space in the shoe and is easily adjusted.

The Boxia® drop-foot support raises the forefoot, allowing plantarflexion at the heel, when stepping off the foot. It prevents the risk of trips over everyday items, such as rugs, kerbs and irregular surfaces.

Indications: Flacid paralysis.

Size: XS/0 (13-17 cm), S/1 (17-21 cm), M/2 (21-25 cm). Ankle circumference in cm.


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