Neoprene Knee Support Polycentric Hinge And Adjustment Straps 4104 Orliman R - 30620

Neoprene knee support with metallic bands with polycentric articulation.

Neoprene knee support with metallic hinges with polycentric articulation and upper and lower adjustment straps. Interchangeable patellar cushion. Calf opening.

Indications: Light contusions, Arthrosis and arthritis, Post-surgical treatments. Rehabilitation, Capsuloligamentous and medio-lateral instabilities, Thermo-compression, relief, protection, stability, permanent centring of the patella.
Size: S (34-36cm), M (36-38cm), L (38-41cm), XL (41-44cm), ΧΧL (44-49cm). Knee joint circumference in cm

Height: 33 cm


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