High Cushion 1 Valve S - 27004

Cushion against pressure ulcers composed of 2 parts.

ART PC 015

Cushion against pressure ulcers composed of 2 parts: the upper part is a layer with air cells, of height 5 cm and four air valves. The lower part is made of latex (5cm height). It is recommended for people who are in danger or are already suffer from ischemic ulcers.

Dimensions: 40 X 44 X 10 cm 

Mattresses-Pillows for decubitus prevention Atlas

Matresses and pillows made of elastic cells that are connected and filled with air.When the patient is placed on it, an equable pressure is exercised (even to the difficult areas), similar to the one that the body accepts when it is floating. The cells’ height is 5 to 10 cm and the air that floats at the intermediate space, acts therapeutically.

The Atlas system, ensures the optimum blood perfusion of the whole body surface as well as its ventilation . It is the only system that prevents decubitus conditions and heel them as well.

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