Wheeled Shower Chair 203-5 Ormesa W - 14320


The frame of the wheeled shower chair 203-5, of the company Ormesa, is made of aluminum with a non – toxic epoxy varnish finish. The shower chair has washable, special fire proof plastic covering. It allows an excellent perspiration and it’s highly wear-resistant. The sufficiently elastic covering adapts to the shape of the shoulders and of the bottom.


  • Padded winding headrest separated from the backrest and adjustable in tilt, height and in the front and in the back position.
  • Retenitive backrest, it can be fixed in 2 positions in order to have the seat adjustable in depth (2 different ones). Tilt adjustable thanks to the back rack locking.
  • Seat with a 15° tilt, in order to prevent the user from sliding forward.
  • Detachable and turning sideways sides, in order to facilitate the user’s transfers.
  • Legrest adjustable in tilt.
  • One only overturnable footrest, in order to help the approach of the operator, the sitting and the getting down of the user.
  • Unpiercerable wheels 12 cm, back wheels with brake.
  • Optional accessories: safety belt, leg divider.

Colour: white
Weight: 18 kg
Maximum user’s weight:  110 kg

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