Fold and Go Wheelchair Antano

Superlightweight folding electronic wheelchair.

Superlightweight folding electronic wheelchair compatible with the track and wheel range of stairway climbers thanks to its manageability and compact size. Fold & Go is a folding wheelchair which can easily be carried without needing to remove batteries or other elements. FG is the simplest and easiest to use in its category also thanks to the simplicity of the electric controls.


  • Headrest
  • Armrest adjustable in height
  • Large front wheels for outdoors usage
  • One piece footplate, height adjustable

Total width: 60 cm
Total length: 99 cm
Seat width: 45 cm
Total weight: 35 kg
Maximum speed: 6.6 km/h
Battery autonomy: 10 km 
Maximum user’s weight: 120 kg


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