Pedcad Scanner

Pedcad Foot Scan

Digital Modern Pedcad

In our company, Kyritsis Orthopaedics, we produce anatomic insoles for comfort standing and walking.

The orthotic insoles help to walk correctly without pain on the limbs but also help to protect our joints (knees, hips, spine) from the pressure. As a result, the mechanical burden on the legs and torso and, as well as, the muscle fatigue is reduced facilitating our everyday activities.

By performing the Pedcad scan and constructing the orthopedic tread helps us to walk properly without pain in the limbs, but also to protect our joints (knees, hips, spine) from vibration. This results in a reduction in the mechanical load on the legs, in the trunk, as well as muscle fatigue, thus facilitating our day-to-day activities.

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