Articulated Wrist Orthosis TP-6101 Orliman

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TP-6101 Orliman


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Articulated Wrist Orthosis TP-6101 from the Spanish company Orliman. Made of two pieces of thermoplastic (palm and forearm), connected by a wrist joint that allows you to adjust the palm and dorsal flexion of the orthosis, limiting the range of movements of the wrist joint or immobilizing it in a set position.

The lateral splints contain slots that allow you to move the thermoplastic pieces closer to or further from each other, which allows us to adjust the orthosis to each patient’s measurements.

They feature an interior terrycloth lining to avoid sweating.

It includes 3 velour straps with a security pin on the wrist and forearm, and a velcro fastening system.

The orthosis can be molded using a hot-air gun.


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  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Chronic polyarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Central or peripheral neurological damage (spastic and flaccid paralysis)
  • Treatment for the prevention of rheumatoid deformities
  • Pain relief and anti-inflammatory treatment
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