Knee supports

Elastic and neoprene knee pads

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Wheelchairs for children by Ormesa

Wheelchairs & support and walking aids for children by Ormesa

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Seat With Rail Devi Up Stairlift

With the Up Stairlift from Devi company you prepare your home for the future

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Knee supports

Elastic and neoprene knee pads

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Selected categories

A great variety of products and equipment for adults and children, suitable to cover every need.

Torso - Supports & Orthoses
Antidecubitus Mattresses-Cushions
Athletic Products - Sport
Stair Climbing Mechanisms
Medical Compression Stockings

Athletic Products – Sport

A large variety of orthopedic products, which offers high safety and comfort during sports. In this section you will find: sports insoles and items that cover the upper and lower limbs, waist, shoulder and arm, as well as sports socks.

Άνω άκρα άθλησης
Κάτω άκρα άθλησης
Ζώνες μέσης άθλησης
Αθλητικές κάλτσες
Αθλητικά πέλματα
Ώμος - βραχίονας
Upper Limbs For Sports
Lower Limbs For Sports
Lumbar Support For Sports
Athletic Stockings
Sports Insoles
Shoulder & Arm Supports For Sports
Technical support

Technical support

In our fully equipped laboratories, we provide technical support for our entire product range as well as customized solutions.

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Consulting support

Consulting support

Our company’s fully qualified staff provides personalized consulting support. We are always at your disposal to serve you, answer any question and give you any clarification you may need.

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Free Pedcad Scan/ Production of special made insoles

Free Pedcad Scan,

Production of special made insoles

Measurement and manufacture of orthotic insoles in our laboratory following a digital foot scanner system. Request for an appointment for a free Pedcad scan.

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Special Constructions

Special Constructions

Thanks to our specialized staff, we manufacture fully customized products tailored to your needs, and we are always at your disposal to assist you with anything you may require.

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Customized & special orders

Customized & special orders

Thanks to our specialized personnel, we manufacture products completely customized to your needs and we are always at your disposal to serve every demand.

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Anatomic products

High quality shoes and cushions, which offer comfort and safety and provide prevention and treatment for various conditions.

Anatomic Shoes
Anatomical Women's Shoes
Anatomical Slippers & Sambo
Anatomical Men's Shoes
Anatomical Men's Slippers
Anatomical Sleeping Pillows

Why Kyritsis Orthopedics

Kyritsis Orthopedics counts over 65 years of experience, exclusively representing major companies and offering a huge variety of products. Thanks to our fully trained personnel, we also provide all the necessary expertise and we have a 12-hour call center with a service line from Monday to Saturday, providing any information you may need. All these years, the priority of Kyritsis Orthopedics remains the same: Quality, innovative design, value-added partnerships and excellent customer service. Our collaborations with pharmacies offering our products, all over Greece, are also considerable!

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Free shipping over 30€

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Product variety and quality

why 3

65 years of experience

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Service / technical expertise

why 5

Thousands collaborations with pharmacies

why 6

12-hour call center - service line Monday - Saturday

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Freedom comes with a Vermeiren scooter


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