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Stability in motion

Dondolino is a vertical stander with tilting frame for children with special needs, designed and manufactured from the Italian company Ormesa to help the child acquire the upright position. Using Dondolino in everyday life contexts makes the child’s active participation in the social environment easy, aiding the mobility of upper limbs and head, in line with the individual motor development skills.

Thanks to the three available sizes and a broad range of adjustment, Dondolino can adapt:

  • To growth
  • To the development of individual skills
  • To the bending needs of hips and knees


  • Removable wooden table, adjustable in height, depth and tilt.
  • Knee supports adjustable in height, width and are rotatable.
  • Heel supports adjustable in depth and width.
  • Wooden base adjustable in height.
  • Pelvic support adjustable in height, direction and circumference with self-adhesive velcro straps.
  • Chest support (only for N.2 and N.3), adjustable in height, direction and circumference, thanks to the self-adhesive velcro straps.
  • Wheels with brakes for easy and safe transport to another part of the house.

Technical features:








Tailored support

Resilient and smart technology

The Dondolino structure can be adapted to various postural needsVia a gas piston, it is possible to switch from the upright position to a more pronating position in order to induce the active control of the head and the trunk. Such variations to the alignment can be applied in a completely fluid way even with the child on the frame, without causing pathological reactions due to postural discomfort.


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