Heated Double Substrate UB 68 Beurer

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The heated substrate is equipped with a safety system. This sensor technology prevents overheating of the heated substrate over its entire surface by automatically switching off in the event of failure. If the safety system has switched off the heated substrate. the temperature steps in the activated state are no longer illuminated.

Spread the heated substrate evenly on your mattress, starting at the foot area. Then lay your sheet as usual so that the heated substrate is between your mattress and the sheet. First connect the switch to the radiator by assembling the snap-on connector. Then plug in.
Set the slider to ON / OFF to turn on the heated substrate and the temperature gauges light up.

To achieve faster heating of the heated substrate, first set the highest temperature step. It is recommended to turn on the heated substrate about 30 minutes before use and cover it with the duvet to prevent heat from escaping.

The heated substrate closes for safety reasons at 12 hours and has 4 degrees of heat.


Weave: Soft Fleecy Fabric
Dimension: 150 X 160 cm With two separate controls for autonomous heat regulation.
Power consumption: 60 W for each side

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