Hydraulic Patient Lifter Ulisse AO Antano


Ulisse AO Antano

  • Description

Manufactured from steel tube of high mechanics strength. Anti-trauma push handle. Base with adjustable arms on three positions by means of central control lever: complete with 4 castors, two of wich with independent brake. Lifting and descent movements by means of hydraulic pump. Battery fed with current transformer. The patient lifter is also equipped with emergency push-bottom and it is supplied with standard universal sling.

Technical Characteristics

Minimum Height: 100 cm       
Maximum Height: 200 cm       
Minimum width of the legs: 63 cm       
Maximum wifth of the legsς: 112,5 cm       
Length: 112 cm       
Minimum height from ground: 6 cm       
Total weight: 41 kg       
Maximum Load: 180 kg       
Weight of Full loading lift: 225 kg  



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