Foot Orthosis Ergopad Redux Heel II Bauerfeind


Ergopad Redux Heel II Bauerfeind

  • Description

The flexible foot orthosis Ergopad Redux Heel II from the German company Bauerfeind reduces acute heel pain and combats the causes of pain. The intelligently shaped notch in the synthetic core removes pressure from the sensitive anatomical structure when you take a step. The core's polyurethane soft foam coating that is gentle on the skin provides additional cushioning for the feet when walking or running, despite the thin material.

  • Removes pressure from the heel and relieves the painful area
  • Supports sunken foot arches
  • Fits into many types of shoe thanks to its narrow shape and low height




  • Heel pain and talagia (plantar fascitis)
  • Arch decreased/splay foot
  • Pes valgus
  • Hollow foot
  • Mild and moderate severity
  • Knee joint/back pain
  • Heel pain and calcaneal spurs
  • Everyday use, at work and during leisure time



  • Size: 38-48. Shoe size.
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