Gait Trainer for Adults and Children with Special Needs Dynamico Ormesa

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Designed for your comfort

Dynamico from the Italian company Ormesa is a gait trainer for adults and children with special needs, ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

The indoor version (available in five sizes) is equipped with four pivoting wheels with independent brakes, which make the aid easy to manage inside the home, school or therapy spaces.

The outdoor model (available in three sizes) can be used on roads and terrain without steep slopes in complete safety, thanks to its handy manual brakes. Thanks to Dynamico, the user will:

  • avoid the risk of falls
  • develop greater autonomy
  • stabilize orientation in near space

The dynamic walker Dynamico by Ormesa is made of steel and its frame is painted with non-toxic, epoxy chrome paints. The walker is ideal for indoor use.


  • Pelvic support with foam padding. It is adjustable in height but can also be converted to rear or front.
  • Chest support, removable, with foam padding and adjustable in height.
  • The safety belt is double reinforced with cotton material. It is adjustable in height with straps and clips, adjusted around the circumference with self-adhesive Velcro straps. The safety belt is removable and washable.
  • Swivel front wheels and steering rear.
  • Semi-elastic reinforcements for protection when it comes into contact with an obstacle.
  • Hand brakes for the user.
  • Indoor or outdoor model available.
  • Possibility of applying additional accessories.

Built to last

A versatile aid with proven technology

Dynamico by Ormesa features a solid steel frame adjustable in height, designed to withstand years of use and follow the user in all stages of the rehabilitation process.

The same goes for pelvic and thoracic supports: adjustable in height, they help to make Dynamico a valuable aid in multi-user environments such as schools, clinics or nursing facilities.




Adaptability at your service

In its standard version, Dynamico can comfortably accommodate people with mild or moderate physical disability. The chest and pelvic supports are independently adjustable in height and,  as far as the pelvic support is concerned, in depth too. In the case of users with sufficient torso control, the chest support can be easily removed; for users with higher support needs Ormesa has designed a wide range of components that make Dynamico highly adaptable.


Technical features:









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