Stairlift With Track Series LG 2004

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Technological innovation, the approach to the care of the end user and the attention to special aesthetic details have, over the years, seen the success of the stairlift lg 2004. Today the new version has all the features developed in eight years of continuous design and product development. Unparalleled ease of use thanks to the patented oeperatig system that allows it to turn on itself even in confined spaces, with no effort. Reliability due to a weight management and engineering that allows significant energy saving and longer battery life.

Ease of use unmatched by raising electric 4 wheel manoevering patented that allows you to turn on itself and on the stair small spaces without effort. It is equipped with release system with manual handling of the 4 wheel lifting system and caterpillar tracks in case of emergency. To reduce the size of the stair climber were introduced new folding hooks and new double adjustable and padded headrests to provide maximum patient comfort. The backrest is padded and the headrest is adjustable.

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