Wheelchair With Car Seat Carony Autodapt

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The Carony system consists of three parts: the seat, the wheel base and the swivel base. Together with the wheelbase the seat will become a standard transport wheelchair. Together with the swivel base the seat becomes a tested and approved car seat. This means anyone, wheelchair user or not, can sit up front in the Carony seat, use the car's original seat belt and enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.

This is where the user sits, safely and comfortably. It is the moving part of the Carony that slides with the user between wheel base and swivel base. The seat has many different features for good posture and pressure relief. For example, raising the front of the seat cushion and reclining backrest. It also has integrated carer handles with brakes.


Wheel base length 710 mm
Wheel base width 640 mm
Wheel base height 430-570 mm
Docking height 370-510 mm


Max user weight 120 kg
Wheel base weight 15.5 kg

Total weight

35.2 kg

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Available within 30 days of your order.


The photos above show the Carony Classic wheelchair in Ford Maverick and Volkswagen Golf 7 models.

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