Arm Sleeve for Lemphoedema Curaflow Bauerfeind

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Curaflow Bauerfeind

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The German company Bauerfeind, is completely specialized in socks of graduated lymphedema compression for upper and lower extremities. The special Curaflow yarn has a unique composition mainly of microfibers processed with innovative techniques. The seams are flat and invisible and in combination with the special comfort zones guarantee more comfort than any other product with flat knitting.

The Curaflow sock is made to order after taking special measures and there are possibilities of making it according to the instructions of your doctor or physiotherapist.

The sock can be either for upper extremity lymphedema, with the possibility of making in compression Class I, II, III:

  • Glove that extends to all fingers and covers up to the wrist.
  • Sock arm that extends from the wrist and covers the whole hand and secures either with silicone at the top or with a belt under the opposite shoulder.
  • Combination of glove with sock in a single piece.

The sock can be either for lower extremity lymphedema, with the possibility of making a piece or a pair in Class I, II, III, IV compression:

  • Up to the knee with open or closed toes, with or without silicone.
  • Up to the rhizome with open or closed fingers, with or without silicone.
  • Pregnancy tights and pantyhose with open or closed toes.

The color options are many.
Due to the fact that the special construction of these socks is very detailed, the measures are taken by specialized personnel of our company.

Price on request.

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