Kyritsis Orthopaedics Company

L. Kyritsis Orthopedics began its journey in 1960 when Vasilios L. Kyritsis created home craft wooden sandals, which he distributed to pharmacies, while maintaining his status of pharmacist – head of orthopedics at Marinopoulos pharmacy.

The restless spirit that characterized him, led him to manufacture the first elastic waist belt with Velcro closures in the Greek market. The demand from customers and pharmacists was so great that by 1967 the company had opened its first store in Athens and created an organized production laboratory with a wide range of quality orthopedic products.

In 1974, Lazaros V. Kyritsis took over and broadened the horizons of the company by initiating exclusive collaborations with leading multinational companies, importing product solutions for children with special needs, prostheses, orthoses and many more, thus completing the product portfolio of the company.

As a result, and throughout the many years of successful consistent course, the company associated its name with high quality offerings and service in consumers’ minds.

Today, L. Kyritsis Orthopedics is managed and operated by the third generation, Vasilios L. Kyritsis. It employs 40 people, fully specialized in the field of orthopedic products, has 5 retail stores and represents exclusively the leading companies in the field.

All these years, the priority of L. Kyritsis Orthopedics remains the same. Quality, innovative design, value-added partnerships and excellent customer service. In our fully equipped laboratories, we provide technical support for our entire product range as well as customized solutions.

It is the vision of all of us to be partner of choice for multinational companies seeking to enter or expand their presence in Greece, while maintaining maximum value with our associates, customers and healthcare community.

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