Orthopedic Guardian of Infant Foot Malformations Bebax Prim

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Bebax Prim


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The Orthopedic Guardian of Infant Foot Malformations Bebax from the Prim company allows progressive and dynamic correction of congenital forefoot deformities.

It adjusts progressively for proper fit.

It is equipped with a patented, multi-directional hinge that allows the orthosis to adapt easily for correction in all three planes.

It minimizes retractions from muscular or neurological disorders.

It also offers serial casting: contact molding to forefoot and heel without plaster.

It is removable for stretching and hygiene.




  • Congenital forefoot deformities



  • Colour: White
  • Size: 7,5 cm - 13,5 cm. Measurement of the length of the foot from the middle of the heel to the end of the big toe.

Left – Right

Recommendations: The Bebax brace should be applied exlusively by the doctor. At the first phase, it should be used constantly (day - night), except of the bath and physiotherapy hours. The doctor will define the gradual reduce of the time used, after examining the infant at the eight, fifteen and thirty days of the treatment beginning.

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