Insoles Ergopad OS Ski/Skate Bauerfeind

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OS Ski/Skate Sport Line Bauerfeind

Original price was: 69,00 €.Current price is: 62,00 €.

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The Insoles Ergopad OS Ski/Skate Line from the German company Bauerfeind designed for the static position of the feet, tilting sideways, and changing pressure loads. They stabilize the movement of the hindfoot during sporting activities and prevent and treat sports-related complaints experienced by patients with mild to severe arch decreased/splay foot or mild pes cavus. The flexible high-performance orthotic core with weightflex technology is perfectly designed for the sport-specific loads and movement patterns.



  • Orthotic core is partially coated in high-quality polyurethane soft foam.
  • Good cushioning properties despite its low construction height.
  • Heel cup provides stability for the foot when tilting sideways.
  • Toe bank stretches the toes and increases contact between the foot and the shoe, also relieving the Achilles tendon.
  • Sensorimotor spots in the PU surface stimulate and ease the muscles.
  • Thermoregulating top cover keeps the feet warm




  • Prevents and treats overloading complaints specific to certain sports



  • Size: 35-48. Shoe size. 
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