Insoles Globotec Walk Bauerfeind

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Globotec Walk Bauerfeind

Original price was: 65,70 €.Current price is: 59,10 €.

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The Globotec Walk Orthotic Insoles from the German company Bauerfeind have been specially designed for walking and active people who want to combine movement and comfort. The Bauerfeind Globotec Walk Orthotic Insoles combine the tried-and-tested integrated PowerWave Technology in its cushion layer. Thanks to this technology, this Bauerfeind foot orthosis actively supports the natural heel-to-toe movement of the foot. Moderate arch supports allow you to quickly become accustomed to the foot orthosis. Thus, pressure is relieved on the througout entire body. This has a double advantage - it can prevent risk of injury while simultaneously improving performance.

Available in European shoe sizes 35 up to 48. You can also select whether you require the insole with or without a metatarsal pad.

Construction of the Bauerfeind Globotec Walk Orthotic Insoles


1. Microfiber top cover:
This top cover provides a comfortable contact layer with the foot. The presence of silver ions helps to prevent both bacteria and odors.
2. Cushion layer with PowerWave Technology (25 ° / 35 ° / 45 ° Shore A):
This layer, made of EVA, is defined in movement-specific guidance, support and cushioning zones, which are arranged (vertically) adjacent to one another. The functional zones work biodynamically - the foot is optimally guided in each step.
3. Synthetic core:
The moderate arch supports of the synthetic core and the slightly cup-shaped heel support the foot arches and improve hindfoot stability.
4. Bottom coating:
The special grip film ensures a non-slip contact surface between the foot orthosis and the shoe.


Suitable indications for the Bauerfeind Globotec Walk Orthotic Insoles:


Main Indications:
  • Flat foot / splay foot
  • Dog valgus



Concomitant Indications:
  • Mild & moderate severity of hollow foot
  • Post-traumatic foot deformities
  • Achilles tendon complaints
  • Knee joint / back pain

* Depending on the severity of the foot, knee.

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