Knee High Antiembolism Stockings 18-24 MmHG Piazza

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18-24 MmHG Piazza


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The Knee High Antiembolism Stockings 18-24 MmHG from the Italian company Piazza are used in the first period after operations or in cases where the patient remains in bed for many hours to prevent blood clots.

The post-operative stockings have a high cotton content (for this reason the post-operative stockings are white) in order to better ventilate the feet during use.

Postoperative stockings are used before the patient gets out of bed to prevent blood clots but can also be used during sleep.

The stocking feature a special opening under the toes for ventilation and control of toe discoloration.

Compression: 18-24 mmHG
Color: White
Stocking size: S – M – L – XL (according to foot circumferences)
Stocking Type: Short / Standard / Long (according to human height)


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