Lumbar Orthosis Spinova Unload Plus Bauerfeind


Spinova Unload Plus Bauerfeind

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Lumbar Orthosis Spinova Unload Plus from the German company Bauerfeind is individually adapted to the shape of the body and treatment required. Adjustments can be made using the bridging frame, a tensioning strap system to reduce effort, a back setting device that can be shaped and a continuously adjustable fastening element on the abdomen. The optimal fit and breathable elastic mesh material guarantee that the orthosis fits perfectly and comfortably at all times.




  • Vertebral displacement
  • Formation of gaps in the vertebral joints
  • Wearing of the vertebral joints with unusual flexibility of the joints (facet syndrome with hypermobility)
  • Radiating pain in the lumbar spine area (very severe [pseudo] radicular lumbar syndrome/very severe lumbar sciatica
  • Narrowing of the spinal canal (lumbar spinal canal stenosis with paresis [conservative, post-operative])
  • Narrowing of the lateral nerve root canal (foraminal stenosis, lateral)
  • Fractured vertebrae (fractures of the lumbar spine)



  • Colour: Grey
  • Size: 1 (70-80), 2 (80-90), 3 (90-105), 4 (105-115), 5 (115-125), 6 (125-140). Waist circumference in cm.
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