Manually Propelled Wheelchair Eclips X4 Vermeiren

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Eclips X4 Vermeiren

  • Description

Light aluminum wheelchair with adjustable frame. Adjustable in depth, reinforced cross and Quickrelease rear wheels. The footrests can be folded both inward and outward. For optimum comfort, the footrests are adjustable in depth.


  • Backrest adjustable in height
  • Foldable footrests, inward and outward
  • Adjustment of the seat depth
  • Foldable Footplates
  • Aluminum, height adjustable forks to keep the wheelchairs weight minimal
  • Rear wheels with Quickrelease system


Colours: Black, Grey, Red

C25 C30 C33

Accessories and spare parts are available at the category Wheelchairs - Spare Parts.

Dimensions (in mm):

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