Manually Propelled Comfort Chair Inovys II Vermeiren

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Inovys II Vermeiren

  • Description

The wheelchair Inovys II is a manually propelled wheelchair with multiple adjustments and possibilities.


  • Adjustment of the armrests in length and height
  • Adjustment of the seating depth
  • Adjustment of the footrests in width
  • Possible to lower the chair without changing its original wheels
  • Tipping pieces
  • L58 - Adjustable headrest
  • Headrest adjustable in angle, height and depth with rotation and translation
  • Armrests can be removed
  • Adjustable in height, length and width
  • Pushing handles adjustable in height
  • Memory foam seat cushion
  • Optional L04 - Side supports
  • Optional B12 - Table

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Colour: Inox


Dimensions (in mm):

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