Energopathic Fitness Bike Med Bike

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Med Bike

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The Energopathic Fitness Bike Med Bike is made in Europe (Belgium). The Med Bike has 3 usage options:


Active Mode: The bike moves only based on the force exerted by the user, so the exercise is active.
Passive Mode: The bike moves according to the command we have entered, at which point the exercise becomes passive.
Pedal Assisted Mode: The bike moves in combination with the force exerted by the user and the commands we have entered.

On the large color screen the user can enter his personal data to personalize his program and to control his treatment. Also, it is possible to set the duration of the exercise from 1-99 minutes. The bike has the ability to adjust the speed from 10-90 RPM.

During the exercise, the user can be seated in any seat or even wheelchair. The bike has durable wheels for easy installation and transport.

Its frame is metal and the exercise part of the upper limbs is telescopically adjustable. The pedals that are placed on the feet are secure to ensure their stable position. Its weight is 34 kg.


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