Stairlift Wheel With Chair LG 2020 Antano

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Original price was: 3.900,00 €.Current price is: 3.400,00 €.

Original price was: 3.900,00 €.Current price is: 3.400,00 €.

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LG 2020 is the solution able to meet all the needs for mobility domenstica. Due to its weight estramente lightweight and compact size allows for easy manoeuveravility in tight spaces. It is strong and durable with an automomy that is second to none. The new and exclusive upward movement makes the lift wheel best and fastest available today. The new rear support allows a climb assisted effortless and comfortable, as well as adjustable to the different heights of the step increasing the security and stability without the need to seek the point of equilibrium.

It is compact and easy to disassemble. It is equipped with disengaged safety brakes to move easily and automatically activated, ergonomic handles with large buttons for easy and safe control of the stairlift, adjustable armrests for easy seating, adjustable brake for optiman adaptation to all types of stairs.

Technical Specifications

Maximum speed

36 steps per minute

Total weight

44 kg (battery included)

Weight of the handle bar with control

10 kg

Weight of the base equipment

24 kg

Weight of the chair

10 kg

Maximum dimensions

53 x 82 cm

Motor power

350 W

Battery charger power supply

220 V

Maximum transportable weight

160 kg

Operating range

2400 steps (1200 in elevation-1200 descend with person 80 kg)

Operating range with reserve battery indicator on

40 steps (patient 80 kg)

Maximum stairs dimensions

58 cm

Minimum dimension of L shaped landing (L)

100 x 75 cm

Minimum dimension of U shaped landing (U)

100 x 120 cm

Minimum step height

23 cm

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