Timix Vermeiren

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Timix Vermeiren


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Timix allows for sharper turning indoor and for better overcoming obstacles like tresholds when entering a room. The user friendly Timix is adjustable to individual needs and allows for easy transfer.


  • Multi-functionally adjustable armrests, swing-away and removable
  • Electrically adjustable back and seat
  • In and outwards swing-away controller, adjustable in height
  • No pinch points: safety for fingers and clothes
  • Full suspension on all wheels
  • Stability axle ensuring contact of all four wheels with the ground on uneven terrain up to 9 cm
  • Fully integrated motor release levers
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Anti-tipping wheels

Extra option: Lift 30 cm – V Stab Technology
Consists of a special controller and software to increase the responsiveness of the wheelchair. It enhances the steering when you start to drive or when driving at full speed. Even with uneven and drifferent ground conditions, the system compensates and corrects the riving direction in accordance with the driving direction selected by the driver. Moving around snakewise and having to compensate for it are no longer a concern.

Colours: blue, red, green


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Dimensions (in mm):

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