Manually Propelled Wheelchair-Reclinable 30° Eclips Plus Vermeiren

SKU: W - 31947

Eclips 30° Plus Vermeiren

  • Description

Lightweight aluminum wheelchair with a reclining backrest of 30°, reinforced cross and Quickrelease wheels. Standard equipped with short armrests or easy table access.


  • Foldable and removable armrests
  • Height adjustable handles
  • Inclination of the back by hydraulic springs for more comfort during the tilting
  • Hydraulic springs
  • Rear wheels with Quickrelease system
  • Internal and external collapsible footplates
  • Foldable footplates


Colour: Grey ,Blue

Accessories and spare parts are available at the category Wheelchairs - Spare Parts.

Dimensions (in mm): 

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