B 20 Simple Calf support Vermeiren

SKU: BV-16
  • Description

Double seat belt with clip closure.

Fits the following:

708, 925, Eclips X4 Kids, Eclips X4 90o, Sagitta Kids, 708D, V300D, V300 30o, V200D, D400, D200, D100, Eclips +, Eclips 30o, Eclips X4, Eclips AD, Sagitta, Tracer Kids, Sunny, Forest Kids, Springer, Timix, Navix, Rapido, Express, Tracer, Squod, Squod SU, Forest II, Inovys II, Serenys, EZ1, V300 XXL, 28, Eclips XXL.

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