Elastic Thigh Support W/ Silicone Myotrain Bauerfeind

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Myotrain Bauerfeind

Original price was: 154,50 €.Current price is: 139,00 €.

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For injuries to the thigh muscles, Myotrain from the German company Bauerfeind is a significantly more convenient and skin-friendly alternative to tape bandages. Thanks to its sophisticated velcro system, you can put the support on and individually adjust it yourself. Targeted pressure relieves pain, while two functional cushions included in the delivery reduce hematomas and swelling. The support also protects against recurrent injuries.

  • Helps muscle injuries heal faster
  • Alleviates acute pain
  • Healing pressure can be adjusted as needed



1. Siliconized edge (inner)
Remains securely in position, even during movement
2. Knitted fabric
Anatomical, three-dimensional knitted fabric, adapts to the shape of the body
3. Straps
Easy to put on and take off, individually adjustable compression
4. Functional and acute pad
For targeted compression
5. Edges
Reduced pressure at the edges, increases wearing comfort



  • Muscle injuries to the thigh (especially cramps, pulls, ruptures, tears)
  • Prevention, especially against repetitive injuries
  • Muscle bruising on the thigh and hamstrings
  • Additional support for follow-up treatment of muscle injuries



  • Colour: Grey-blue
  • Measurements:


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