Functional Knee Orthosis Secutec Genu Bauerfeind

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Original price was: 607,50 €.Current price is: 546,70 €.

Secutec Genu Bauerfeind

Original price was: 607,50 €.Current price is: 546,70 €.

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With the Secutec Genu from the German company Bauerfeind, being sturdy and being lightweight are not mutually exclusive. This is made possible by a special, very strong light metal alloy. Breathable, non-slip pads ensure that the orthosis sits securely and comfortably on the leg. The Secutec Genu is simply put on to the leg from the front. There is therefore no need to bend the knee joint sharply. This minimizes stress peaks on the ligaments or ligament structures that are under strain. Orthotists can easily adapt the frame to fit any particular leg shape.




  • Instabilities after rupturing the anterior and/or posterior cruciate ligament (ACL/PCL)
  • After ligament surgery/syndesmoplasty
  • Complex instabilities (traumatic, degenerative)
  • Restrict the range of movement of the knee (for example, after collateral ligament injuries, meniscal suturing or meniscal implantation)



  • Colour: Grey-blue
  • Size: Circumference A (15 cm below the knee joint): 1 (28-32), 2 (31-35), 3 (34-38), 4 (36-40), 5 (39-43), 6 (42-46)
       Circumference Β (17 cm above the knee joint): 1 (38-42), 2 (41-45),  3 (44-49), 4 (48-53), 5 (51-57), 6 (54-60)

Suitable for right or left foot.

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