Enhanced Knee Support W/ Wrap Around OS-6119 Orliman

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OS-6119 Orliman


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Enhanced Knee Support W/ Wrap Around OS-6119 from the Spanish company Orliman. Knee support manufactured with breathable fabrics, open patella, flexible lateral stays, popliteal opening and wrap-around closure system formed by 2 straps that are part of the knee support itself, wrapping around the thigh and calf, with a hook and loop closure.

Incorporates the final tab closure for easy opening and closing.


  • Color: Beige
  • Size: One size
  • Postsurgical knee treatments
  • Situations in which a quick fitting of orthosis is desired
  • Cases when variation in the compression is required
  • Depending on the activity (sport activities, in which compression is required for mechanical exertion, work activities, etc.)
  • Morphological deformities which would otherwise entail difficulties in orthosis fitting
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