Walker Fixed Short Est-088 Orliman

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Est-088 Orliman


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Walker Fixed Short Est-088 from the Spanish company Orliman. A single piece, light, resistant design with open heel and fastening straps for circumference compression.

Transpirable material covering pad for the leg, foot and ankle, tibia and calf protection plates.

Low-profile sole in the form of a slip-proof balance.

The height of the boot is 27 cm.




  • Protection and control following traumatism or surgical intervention
  • Sprain and ligament injury
  • Method to replace plaster in the treatment of preulcerous or ulcerous conditions of the foot’s plantar surface
  • Acute plantar fascitis 
  • Cases which require a uniform distribution of body weight on the plantar surface and immobilisation of the tibia-tarsus articulation



  • Colour: Black
  • Size: S (38-39), M (40-42), L (43-45). Shoe size.

Suitable for right or left foot.

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