Knee Orthosis Softec Genu Bauerfeind

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Softec Genu Bauerfeind

Original price was: 795,70 €.Current price is: 716,10 €.

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Here’s what Softec Genu from the German company Bauerfeind offers: two lateral joint splints prevent harmful movements. The “smart” hinges can be adjusted precisely to your knee’s rotational axis. A special knit promotes the knee’s proprioception for more stability and improved movement patterns. In this way, Softec Genu provides increased stability and ensures healthy movement.

  • Faster return to full load-bearing thanks to enhanced sense of protection
  • The strong protection of an orthosis combined with the activating function of a support
  • Easy to put on thanks to zipper and positioning aid



  • Solated rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament up to and including the "unhappy triad": Conservative treatment, Pre-operative and postoperative management, Long-term rehabilitation - sports therapy, Chronic insufficiency
  • Conservative functional treatment of collateral ligament injuries
  • Treatment of "unstable knee joint": Severe osteoarthritis of the knee, Rheumatoid arthritis - progressive rheumatoid arthritis, Endoprosthesis - secondary rehabilitation, Post-traumatic
  • Restricting the knee’s range of movement (e.g. after meniscal suturing or meniscal implantation)



This also makes it very popular among high-level athletes: the West German Handball Association has officially approved Softec Genu for use in competitions.



  • Colour: Grey-blue
  • Measurements:


Suitable for right or left foot.

Instructions for use:
The joints are limited for extension and flexion at distances of 10°

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