Knee Stabilization Orthosis Mos-Genu Bauerfeind

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MOS-Genu Bauerfeind

Original price was: 729,00 €.Current price is: 656,10 €.

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MOS-Genu from the German company Bauerfeind stabilizes your knee following surgery, for example to correct misalignments. It is available in a standard or long version as required. The orthosis comprises an aluminum frame with adjustable hinges, straps and skin-friendly padding which compensates for swelling in the knee joint region. This ensures excellent wearing comfort and reduced pain during movement.

  • Guides the leg out of its misalignment to relieve the knee joint
  • Stabilizes the surgical outcome after axial corrections
  • Soft cushioning for long wearing periods




  • Conservative: Functional therapy of injuries to the cruciate ligaments and the lateral ligaments, Complex instabilities including genu recurvatum, Support for the affected compartment in varus / valgus arthritis
  • Post-operative (short MOS-Genu): After operations on the ligaments, i.e. artificial ligaments, Meniscal suturing and meniscal implantation
  • Post-operative (long MOS-Genu): After tibial osteotomy, After complex reconstructions of the ligaments, In individual cases it is also indicated for fractures located close to joints - implant surgery



  • Colour: Blue-black
  • Measurements:


Suitable for right or left foot.

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