Knee Stabilizer Orthosis Genutrain OA Bauerfeind

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Genutrain OA Bauerfeind

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Genutrain OA from the German company Bauerfeind relieves the painful area on the inside or outside of the knee in cases of osteoarthritis, injury, or instability. Thanks to its light weight, breathable 3D knitted mesh, and pressure-free bending zone in the hollow of the knee, it provides an extremely comfortable fit. The many advantages of the orthosis make it a pleasant companion, even over long periods of time.

  • Noticeable relief for pain on the side of the knee
  • Regulate your relief depending on your personal requirements
  • Increased activity and comfort, even over a long period of time


  • Color: Βlack-blue
  • Size:


  • Mild to moderate instability
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Arthritis (e.g. primary chronic polyarthritis)
  • Meniscus injuries


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