All Terrain Beach Wheelchair Hippocampe Vipamat

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The Hippocampe is a leisure wheelchair that goes with you year-round for your open-air activities. All-terrain, it goes over sand, pebbles, hiking trails. It floats on water and slides over snow. On your own or accompanied: With its double rear wheels you can self propell. Another person may use the push bar to push you. It disassembles quickly, so it is easily transported, you can take it everywhere with you (car, plane, boat...) Fashionable and recreational, the Hippocampe has a great design. It fits in perfectly with the leisure and vacation universe.

The tube frame is made of treated seawater aluminum and is covered by a comfortable colored cladding which avoids sun and cold burns.

The axles and half-axles of wheels are made of stainless steel. Dual wheels are without ball-bearing, avoiding the jamming by oxidization. The outer rim is covered by a grip that serves as handrail for users.

The seat is composed of closed-cell foam for water resistance, with a thickness of 3 cm that it enables to be comfortable and quick-drying.

The Hippocampe is available in several sizes: child and adult.

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