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Juditta Ormesa

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An evolution in comfort

Juditta is a tilting and reclining comfort wheelchair designed and built by Ormesa for adults and the elderly with reduced mobility. Juditta’s backrest supports correct posture, offering stability and preventing contractures and the onset of deformities. The seat’s viscoelastic cords adapt to each individual user’s anatomy, preventing rubbing and pressure sores.


Juditta’s special shape guarantees:

  • Breathability
  • Hygiene
  • Comfort

The frame of the tilt – in – space wheelchair Juditta from the Italian company Ormesa is made of chromed steel, painted with non – toxic epoxy powder paint. The wheelchair has narrow base to facilitate entering elevators. The sear and backrest are covered with semi – elastic fire – proof material. It is resistant, breathable and anti – slip. It is made of a special excusive Ormesa formula:


It adapts to the user’s body shapes and it prevents its sliding with the result of excellent comfort and keeping posture, even when changing the backrest recline and tilt (it adapts to the user’s body shapes maintaining its support function). Easily washable to keep the user hygiene. It lets air pass keeping the optimal microclimate that helps preventing bed sores. Durable and fireproof, guarantee of durability and safety. Ergonomic, breathable, non – toxic, fireproof upholstery. It does not interfere with the benefits of the semi – elastic cover. The upholstery is fixed with buttons, easy to remove for machine washing.


  • Ergonomic Backrest, it holds the shapes of the user. The special structure of the backrest gives a proper alignment to the trunk and it doesn’t generate any pressure on the spine. Adjustable in tilt by levers with safety pin. The pin allows blocking the levers to maintain the proper adjustment for the user, height adjustable, folding for transportation.
  • Low seat and slightly inclined. Adjustable in depth on four positions.
  • Wide and wrap Headrest, padded, multi adjustable (in height, tilt, depth, lateral); thus assuring the proper alignment between head and trunk, without interfering with the user’s view. Anti-bacterial and Hygienic.
  • Armrests, padded and easily and stably adjustable in height thanks to the lever.
  • Push handle adjustable in tilt/ height, it helps the care.
  • CONTINUOUS AND WITHOUT EFFORT ADJUSTMENTS: tilting, backrest recline and legrest tilts are operated by independent gas springs.
  • Sides with scissor opening. Thanks to the special joint, the armrests are positioned behind the backrest, eliminating completely all obstacles to the transfer.
  • Removable leg rest, turning, adjustable in tilt with no efforts for the assistant thanks to gas spring.
  • Foot rests, adjustable in height and flexion-extension.
  • Calfrest adjustable in depth and tilt free.
  • 5” solid swiveling wheels, the rear ones with brakes.
  • Available in 3 types: Juditta B12: Tranfer wheelchair Juditta B30: Reinforces transfer wheelchair Juditta B60: Wheelchair for self-use

The smart, tilting and reclining wheelchair

Distributed pressure relief

The user’s weight is evenly distributed across the seat area and backrest, relieving pressure on the lower back and hips. The special shape and material of the seat prevents the build-up of pressure along the whole length of the spine.

Ergonomic seating

Innovation and certified quality

A research conducted on Juditta confirms its optimal uniform body weight distribution across the seat area and backrest. The reclining backrest and tilting seat area provide optimal support for each individual user, preventing the development of sores by distributing pressure evenly and allowing different user positions.


Tilting and reclining have a positive effect on blood pressure by improving oxygenation to the skin and muscle tissues


The weight is well distributed between the seat and the back, excluding pressure peaks in the ischial region. The elastic material of the seat and back follows the anatomy of the user and adapts to it without creating pressure and/or rubbing. Juditta's sitting shape and cover avoid pressure along the spine.

The tilt and recline of the backrest make it possible to achieve the ideal support position. This allows for a variation of pressure points and prevents the formation of pressure sores. Tilt and recline are operated by two independent gas springs that absorb the weight of the user and facilitate handling by the caregiver, favoring changing posture settings several times a day.


Technical features:





Your customizable Juditta:

Juditta’s set of available components offers limitless possibilities of customization and comfort. Easy to install, remove, handle and look after, Juditta’s robust accessories are designed in minute detail to guarantee satisfactory usage.

The tray, patented by Ormesa, it’s made of impact resistant material; plus, its peculiar rounded design makes it extremely hygienic, because it helps avoiding the accumulation of residual food on its surface.

Its set of 4 tie down hooks for the forward-facing transport in a motor vehicle passed Crash Test and makes it suitable to be transported in a vehicle according to ISO 7176/19 and ANSI RESNA WC/19 standards.



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