Ankle Stabilization Orthosis Malleoloc Bauerfeind

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Original price was: 107,10 €.Current price is: 96,40 €.

Malleoloc Bauerfeind

Original price was: 107,10 €.Current price is: 96,40 €.

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With an asymmetrical plastic splint, Malleoloc from the German company Bauerfeind reliably protects against further spraining, both inward and outward, even during exercise. It is positioned in front of the lateral malleolus and behind the medial malleolus, avoiding direct pressure on the malleoli. A protruding guide stimulates your foot muscles and counteracts incorrect movements, thereby actively stabilizing the ankle.

  • Protects against sprains even during abrupt, powerful movement
  • Stabilizes the ankle with or without shoes
  • Supports natural heel-to-toe movement of the foot for mobilization




  • Injuries of the lateral or medial ligaments of the ankle joint
  • Chronic ligament insufficiency
  • Ankle joint irritation
  • Second degree sprains



  • Colour: Grey-blue
  • Measurements:



Suitable for right or left foot.

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