Knee Support-Joint Splint Genutrain S Bauerfeind

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Genutrain S Bauerfeind

Original price was: 187,20 €.Current price is: 168,50 €.

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For mild to moderate instability of the knee, the Genutrain S from the German company Bauerfeind is the perfect aid. Lateral joint splints guide your knee in its correct axis of movement. At the same time, the elastic Train knit fabric exerts an intermittent compression massage during movement to promote healing. This activates the leg muscles, helping your knee to quickly regain stability.

  • High level of lateral stability
  • Additional protection from the outside
  • Protection against painful movements



1. Three-dimensional Train active knit
for the ideal fit and optimal neuromuscular joint stabilization
2. Tensioning straps
with micro velcro fastener, individually adjustable, flat-fitting design
3. Joint splints
for the mechanical stabilization of the knee joint
4. Viscoelastic pads
with a massage effect during movement
5. Breathable Train active knit
gentle on the skin and extremely comfortable to wear
6. Reduced pressure at the edges
prevents constriction


  • Color: Grey-blue
  • Size:


Suitable for right or left foot.

Instructions for use:
The anatomically shaped joint rails are thermoplastically formed and can be adapted to the individual anatomy of the patient.

  • Μετατραυµατικές και µετεγχειρητικές αστάθειες
  • Οστεοαρθρίτις
  • Αρθρίτιδες και γενικά προβλήµατα που σχετίζονται µε τις προχωρηµένες ηλικίες
  • Συµπτωµατική θεραπεία πόνων του γόνατος


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