Elastic Dorsal Vest For Kyphosis Afrodite

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Elastic Dorsal Vest For Kyphosis Afrodite


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Elastic Dorsal Vest For Kyphosis from the Afrodite series with velcro fastening that offers extension of the chest and the curved shoulders.

The two straps of the elastic kyphosis vest close with velcro at the waist while the top two straps pass under the shoulders, cross at the back and close together at the front.

The straps that go under the shoulders put pressure on them and force them to go backwards, so the spine is straightened.




  • Back pain due to false posture during labour
  • Correction of the posture of students during studying
  • Kyphosis prevention



  • Colour: Beige
  • Size: S (66-75), M (76-85), L (86-95), XL (96+). Circumference under the chest in cm. 

For information on using a kyphosis vest click here:

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