Dorsolumbar Orthosis Softec Dorso Bauerfeind

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Softec Dorso Bauerfeind

Original price was: 1.085,80 €.Current price is: 977,20 €.

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Dorsolumbar Orthosis Softec Dorso from the German company Bauerfeind has been specially designed so that the orthosis is easy to put on and adjust.

It consists of a carbon-reinforced framework with bars, connected by an elastic, breathable knitted fabric.

It is lightweight, flexible and yet so strong that it can support and straighten specific areas of the back.

What patients particularly appreciate about it is that it is as easy to use as a jacket.

To adjust for a perfect fit, all you have to do is pull forward the patented tensioning straps with your thumbs.

It requires virtually no strength.




  • Conservative fracture management
  • Osteoporosis
  • Postoperative stabilization
  • Conservative treatment for tumors or spondylitis



  • Colour: Grey-blue
  • Size: 1 (75-90), 2 (90-105), 3 (105-120), 4 (120-135). Long: >170 cm   Short: <170 cm. Waist circumference in cm.
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