Post Operative Elastic Support Afrodite

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Post Operative Elastic Support Afrodite

15,75 27,20 

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The Post Operative Elastic Support of the Afrodite series is made of stable, elastic material that supports the lumbar and abdominal area.

The post operative elastic support closes in front with a velcro sticker.

The post operative support is available in 3 heights and the choice of height depends on the height of the point we want to cover and the height of the person.

The elastic support should start from the base of the belly and reach up to a little above the point that needs to be covered.



  • Abdomen support after surgery
  • Lumbar containment of small and medium eventrations



  • Colour: Beige
  • Size: S (70-80), M (80-90), L (90-100), XL (100-110), XXL (110-120). Waist circumference in cm.
  • Available in three heights: 24 cm, 18 cm, 15 cm
  • At 24 cm height, larger sizes are also available in terms of circumference: XXXL (120-130), XXXXL (130-140)

Possibility of special order in height and circumference where this is needed after telephone communication.

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