Shower Chair 203-5 Doccia Ormesa

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203-5 Doccia Ormesa

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Safety in daily hygiene

Duecentotre5 Doccia from the Italian company Ormesa is a shower chair for adults and has been designed to ensure comfort and safety. The bathroom is the environment where most domestic accidents or accidental falls occur: washing a person with motor problems can be uncomfortable and dangerous for both the user and the caregiver. The shower chair Duecentotre5 Doccia meets the needs of safety and practicality of both ensuring:

  • containment
  • 'hygiene
  • stability

The frame of the 203-5 shower chair by Ormesa is aluminum and its finishes are painted with non-toxic, epoxy paints. The bathroom wheelchair is externally coated with a waterproof, non-combustible, plastic coating. The 203-5 bathroom wheelchair adapts to the user's body, thanks to the special elastic finishes at the shoulder points.


  • Headrest made of ventilated material, independent from the position of the back. It is reinforced and is adjustable in its tilt, height and position fore and aft.
  • The back of the armchair can be adjusted in 2 positions, giving the possibility of adjusting the depth of the seat in 2 positions.
  • The seat is adjustable to a 15° inclination, to prevent the user's body from sliding.
  • The sides slide and are removable for easy movement of the user to and from the chair.
  • The footrests are adjustable.
  • Single footrest, reclining for the user's safety when moving to and from the armchair.
  • The 2 rear wheels have brakes.

Widespread well-being

Assistive hygiene technology

The covering of the shower chair Duecentotre5 Doccia is made of a visco-elastic material able to take the shape of the shoulders and glutes of the user ensuring a wide transpiration, as well as effective water reflux. The wrapping backrest has a “V” shape for a better containment of the trunk and it can be fixed in two positions in order to have different depth adjustment of the seat. Its structure – together with the tilted seat – prevents the user to slide forward and favors the unloading of the trunk on several points, excluding the spine from rubbing and compression. The reclining backrest and legrest allow the caregiver to place the user semi-reclined or seated, keeping the lateral containment of the trunk-pelvis constant.


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