Knee Support W/ Silicone Genutrain S Pro Bauerfeind

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Genutrain S Pro Bauerfeind

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For mild to moderate instability of the knee, the Genutrain S Pro from the German company Bauerfeind is the perfect aid. Lateral joint splints with integrated restrictive capacity prevent painful movements. At the same time, the elastic Train knit fabric exerts a pain-relieving intermittent compression massage during movement to promote healing. This activates the leg muscles, helping your knee to regain stability.

  • High level of lateral stability
  • Additional protection from the outside
  • Protection against painful movements
  • Optional joint restriction


  • Color: Grey-blue
  • Size:


Suitable for right or left foot.

Instructions for use:

Flexion and extension of the knee joint cannot be limited by each other
(bend: 30°, 60°, 90°)
(extension: 20°)

Anatomically shaped articulating bars are thermoplastically molded and can adapt to the patient’s anatomy

  • Mild to moderate instability
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Arthritis (e.g. primary chronic polyarthritis)
  • Meniscus injuries
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